We’ve worked hard to develop the best portfolio of point of sale system features to start, grow and maintain your business. From a basic setup to the most advanced options, Dodson POS offers features that help you simply, securely, and successfully run your business.

Sales Management

At its core, the Dodson POS System is a sales tool. From management and reporting to tracking and inventory, the power to drive sales, optimize stock, and make data-driven decisions will be at your fingertips.

Business Management & Growth

Whether you have one location or many, the Dodson POS system enables you to streamline business operations, build customer loyalty, and implement robust marketing programs.

Security & Hardware

With cyber threats, viruses, and malware always evolving, you need a POS that can stay one step ahead. Count on Dodson POS to keep your customer and business information secure with frequent updates, a fully managed server, and powerful fraud protection.

Staff Management

Featuring a time clock, video training, payroll, and more, our POS offers labor administration from a single console. Less paperwork and filing lets you focus on what’s important: facilitating employee success and satisfaction.

Grow sales by doing business wherever you and your customers are with mobile POS.

  • Cloud-Based. Sales, inventory, and reports are securely backed up, whether you’re on WiFi or are using a 3G/4G connection.
  • Print or Email Receipts. Customers can sign and email their receipts from a touch screen or you can print one from a Bluetooth printer.
  • Maintain Customer Loyalty. Keep your customers happy by letting them view, earn, and redeem points all through the mobile POS.

Offer a seamless customer experience by using multiple registers and/or devices.

  • Split and Transfer Tickets. Transfer tickets between employees or easily split tickets from any of your connected devices.
  • Universal Saved Ticket. Create and edit orders across multiple devices, without losing ticket details between them.
  • Printer Queue. Printed in the order in which they are received, prep tickets and receipts stay organized.
  • Table-side Ordering. Drive sales, improve service, and maximize efficiency with table-side ordering.

Make ordering food and drinks easier to improve efficiency and table turn times.

  • Ordering Formats. Improve order-taking efficiency with a default order type. Customize orders by activating/deactivating options, and modify settings to include inventory items and tax rates based on order type.
  • Run Reports. Better manage your business with multiple order reporting features, including:
    • By order type: walk-in, pick-up, delivery, and/or dine-in
    • By customer: items purchased or visit frequency
    • By time period: month, week, day, or hour
  • CRM. Build loyalty by easily adding customers to your database while taking orders. Include notes about birthdays and anniversaries, view their order history, quickly reorder favorite items, add multiple addresses, and let them earn, view, and redeem points for purchases.

Create a variety of menus to fit the various needs of your foodservice operation.

  • Create Multiple Menus
    • Make changes to your menus on any device. They’ll automatically and immediately sync with your POS.
    • Quickly build your menus by dragging and dropping items from your inventory.
    • Easily enable/disable menu items as they go in and out of stock.
    • Effortlessly navigate between multiple menus.
  • Make Modifications
    • Includes four different modifier groups and six different modifying adjustments — use only the ones you need.
    • Use multiple choice modifiers for items that have several selections, i.e. toppings, size, etc.
    • The single choice modifiers are for items with only one selection, i.e. small, medium, or large.
    • Give unique instructions like “lite,” “half-toppings,” “no,” “side,” or “double” with special functionality.

Increase revenue and take the guesswork out of tipping for your guests.

  • Pre-Set Tip Options. Pre-set tips let customers show their appreciation with a simple tap of a button ⁠— no math required.
  • Custom Tip Options. Set specific tip amounts appropriate for your business, let customers enter their own amount, or print a receipt and have them write out a tip.
  • Easier Shift Checkout. The Settle Tip feature lets employees speed through the end of shift checkout. They enter their tip amounts from printed receipts, view/settle any open tickets and then overall sales are calculated. Supervisors can view/edit employee tips and everyone knows what’s owed with a shift summary report.

Maintain and monitor cash flow and transactions.

  • Balance. Enter your register’s start and ending amounts to track and balance cash.
  • Accept Multiple Tenders. Accept multiple payment types in a single transaction and track sales by tender type.
  • Open Tab. Start, save, and edit tickets so your customers can checkout when they want to.
  • No Sale. Access your cash drawer as needed without having to do a cash transaction.
  • Split Tickets. Divide tickets evenly or create custom splits. Drag and drop items to move them to other tickets.
  • Refunds. Smoothly process refunds with searchable ticket numbers and history.
  • Security. Your customer’s sensitive payment information is secure when using the Dodson POS System.

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

  • Take cash and credit cards, plus mobile payments
  • Transfer tickets between your staff as needed
  • Suspend transactions so you can keep your line moving
  • Split tickets, disable tax, or apply discounts
  • Create specialized prices with in-store pricing buttons
  • Add or remove the tip line from printed receipts
  • Select a preset tip amount, or allow a custom tip on an iPad or a printed receipt
  • Add notes to orders for customization and reorders
  • Customize receipts with your logo or a message
  • Print or email receipts

Meet your customers’ needs with a simple return process.

  • Add a customer’s name or phone number to their order to make reordering easier
  • Reprint receipts and prep tickets
  • Add and view notes on returns and adjustments
  • Search saved tickets by ticket number, table number, customer name, or customer phone number
  • See order history by date, order type, tender type, customer name, customer email address, or ticket number
  • View return and ticket data in a grid or a graph
  • Look at returns, voids, and discounts by employee
  • Examine failed transactions under ticket history
  • Check transaction amount by using a filter in ticket history

Provide proof of purchase in a way your customers prefer and that makes sense for your business.

  • Configure an unlimited number of pre-printers or receipt printers
  • Connect a Bluetooth printer if you prefer to go wireless, have a mobile business, or for special events
  • Define what gets printed where
  • Tickets print to the designated printers in the order in which they are entered
  • Reprint pre-tickets and receipts
  • Personalize receipts with your logo, special text, and custom fields
  • Customize prep tickets and receipts to include staff name, customer name, table number, or address
  • Customers can sign on an iPad, paper receipt, or both
  • Set default to always print merchant receipts if you’d like them

Create a program that covers your merchant account fees or incentivizes cash purchases with a cash discount or credit card surcharge.

  • Apply a cash discount (percent or specific amount) automatically at checkout
  • Apply a credit card surcharge (percent or specific amount) automatically at checkout
  • Give your program a name and have it appear on your receipt and use it on signage

Create and manage invoices to grow your business.

  • Create customer invoices from your back office using any browser or by saving orders from an iPad
  • Send invoices for payment via credit card or ACH
  • Take partial payments
  • Assign invoices to a customer for order tracking and rewards
  • View and track open, closed, pending, and partially paid invoices

Incentivize sales to drive purchases.

  • Set up automatic or manual discounts or coupons
  • Apply them to individual items or entire orders
  • Discounts or coupons can be a specific amount off, percent off, or alternative price
  • Assign them to a department, category, or at the product level
  • Implement controls, including location, start and end dates, and start and end times

Scan and pay frees up servers to cover more tables or employees more area, and reduces the labor required to manage guest billing.

  • More revenue per shift means more tips for servers
  • No added cost (card-not-present rates apply) and more secure than cash
  • Guests pay at their convenience, from wherever they are — no waiting, no stress
  • Sends a notification when a bill is paid
  • No more bill entry mistakes resulting from non-legible receipts

Simplify your day-to-day operations.

  • Maintain Pricing. Price items, set up tax rates, and enable discounts in bulk or item-by-item, for one or multiple locations.
  • Manage Employees. Modify employee permissions, track their hours, and monitor their sales.
  • Get Real-Time Updates. Make updates in your web management tool. The changes sync in real-time to all your iPads.
  • Utilize Virtual Office. Build menus, manage employees, set up hardware, view reports, create customer loyalty programs, and more.
  • Monitor Orders. View current, past, and future orders from all of your locations. Get a breakdown of best-selling items and items that could bring you more revenue.
  • Set Taxes. Set up multiple tax codes for a single item. Use “tax inclusive” to have the assigned tax rate covered in the cost of the product.

A full suite of web-based back office tools that help you work smarter. Changes sync in real-time.

  • POS
    • POS Settings
    • Employee Management
    • Hardware Management
    • Receipt Builder
    • Menu Builder
    • Training Videos
    • Account Information
  • Time Clock
    • Employee scheduling
    • Clock in/out
    • View and export payroll data
  • Marketing
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Customer Lists
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Reporting
    • Customer account information
  • Inventory
    • Import and adjust inventory
    • Look up inventory
    • Adjust pricing
    • Manage suppliers
    • Change inventory settings
  • Z Reports
    • Dashboard
    • Sales
    • Product mix
    • Register summary
    • Employee activity
    • Time and attendance
    • Inventory
  • Multi-Location
    • Manage locations
    • Create new locations
    • Duplicate data for additional locations
    • Transfer data between locations
    • Enable employees
    • Select default location view
    • View report for one or more locations

Operate multiple locations with more ease than effort.

  • Benefit From a Central Database. Easily check inventory, transfer data, and pull reports for multiple locations.
  • Manage Taxes. Create tax rates per item and/or per location.
  • Get Sales Insights. Compare sales by location, date, department, category, or by the hour.
  • Staff Appropriately. Enable employees to work in multiple locations. Set employee permissions per location and track hours worked at each.
  • View Reports. See what you need — run one report for all locations, or pull a report on a specific location.

Build lasting relationships with your customers and drive repeat business.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Grow your customer relationships through a robust database and management platform.
  • Offer Rewards. Create a points program and/or reward customers for specific items purchased.
  • Use Email Marketing. Keep your business top-of-mind by emailing customers about sales, specials, and/or events.
  • Digital Program. Points are saved online and redeemable at checkout — no worries about forgotten or lost rewards cards.
  • Administer with Ease. Activate rewards points or programs, save the promotions you want, and reactivate them as desired. Add or subtract points from an iPad or the virtual office.

Take care of inventory in record time without having to lock yourself in the office.

  • Sku/UPC Codes. Import or create over 500,000 barcode SKUs. Track items based on the UPC using an iPad or virtual office.
  • Barcode Scanner. Quickly look up or ring up items with the integrated Bluetooth scanner.
  • Bulk Adjustments. Add thousands of new items, modify prices, or update quantities in bulk.
  • Receive Inventory. Add new items to your inventory without replacing existing ones.
  • Data-Driven Decisions. Know your best-sellers and least popular items so you can make better purchasing decisions.
  • Reorder Notifications. Get low inventory alerts so you always know when it’s time to reorder.
  • Multi-Location. View inventory levels, transfer data, and run reports for one or several locations.
  • Manage Anywhere. Wherever you have Wi-Fi you can check inventory levels, update quantities, or change prices, so there’s no need to be in the office or back room.

Improve your bottom line with a clearer picture of the interplay between your menu and inventory.

  • Reduce Raw Materials Waste. Add details like name, purchase date, open date, and expiration date to the database to reduce waste, spoilage, and overstocking.
  • Simple Subtraction. With raw goods linked to modifiers, Dodson POS automatically subtracts the units when an item is ordered.
  • Supplier Catalog. Store the contact information for all of your suppliers — no more lost business cards or misplaced sticky notes.

Run reports and monitor sales wherever you are, thanks to cloud-based analytics.

  • Real-Time Reporting. The real-time matrix continuously updates throughout the day, so reports reflect current information.
  • Get the Full Picture. See relevant sales details, including returns, discounts, adjustments, voids, and tax exempt purchases.
  • Big Data. Dodson POS can process large data volumes and simplify the information, so you can be more agile with making business decisions.

Extend your reach, build your business, and create stronger customer relationships.

  • Create and send polished, professional emails, including automated emails
  • Plan and deliver one-time and on-going marketing campaigns (i.e. holidays, special events, monthly specials) via text and email
  • Filter your customer list and target them appropriately
  • Track campaign success with real-time reporting
  • Mine customer spending and purchases for marketing insights

Breeze through scheduling and labor management.

  • Easy for Employees. Each employee gets a unique pin number that they use on an iPad to:
    • Clock in and out
    • See hours worked
    • View the current, past, and future schedules
  • Practical for You
    • Create, edit, email, and print schedules
    • View current hours worked
    • Copy previous schedules and create repeating schedules
    • Fix missed or incorrect time punches
    • Manage your labor spend by viewing the hourly cost per employee and total
    • Color code each job for scheduling visualization
    • Download a time and pay report as a .CSV for payroll processing
    • Share important updates with a newsflash that employees see when they pin in

Handle permissions based on employee level and location.

  • Register Permissions
    • Clock in/out
    • Enter register start/end amount
    • Create, split, transfer, and view tickets
    • Settle tips and pay in/out
    • Disable tax on items or tickets
    • Set in-store pricing
    • Process returns (including manual ones), adjustments, and voids
    • View ticket history
    • Delete saved tickets
    • Access the administrators panel
    • Edit the Employee Scheduler
    • View reports
    • Setup and modify hardware
    • View and edit inventory
    • View and edit tips
  • Supervisor Permissions
    • Set up hardware and edit POS settings
    • Edit account information
    • Manage employees
    • Customize receipts and edit receipt settings
    • Manage hardware information
    • Modify menu settings
    • Add or adjust inventory items and prices
    • Set up inventory display settings
    • Access and edit supplier information
    • View sales and inventory receipts
    • Edit employee in/out times
    • Activate and deactivate customer loyalty programs
  • Multi-Location Permissions
    • Add additional business locations
    • Transfer data between locations
    • View reports for multiple locations

Master Dodson POS and quickly get new employees up to speed.

  • Library of step-by-step training videos in the Virtual Office.
  • Option to participate in monthly training calls with our top POS specialists.
  • Have a question? Just ask. We’re happy to walk you through it.

Get the right hardware for your business type and needs.

  • All-in-One Systems. Elo Paypoint and Star mPop
  • Apple Tablets. iPad Air, Pro, and Mini
  • Cash Drawers. Star, APG, and many others
  • Card Readers. Castle MP200, c&i Dynamo, Vega 3000
  • Scales. Most brands
  • Barcode Scanners. Socket
  • Stands and Cases. Vault, Windfall, and many others

Dodson POS equipment and technology work together to safeguard customer’s information and protect against data breaches.

  • EMV-compliant card readers encrypt payment information at the point of sale, ensuring data is safe while processing and transferring for end-to-end protection.
  • Adherence to Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) means data is never stored on your devices.
  • Server security is fully managed and regularly updated, and all applications are verified after going through rigorous quality testing and review.

Safeguards keep customer, company, and employee information secure.

  • Secure Passwords. Set and reset unique passwords for Virtual Office. Never get locked out with our password recovery feature.
  • Unique Pins. Each employee is assigned a unique 4-digit PIN to securely access the POS.
  • Confirm Manual Batch. If auto-batch is disabled, employees must confirm before manually batching out.
  • Override Permissions. Grant managers permanent or temporary access to user permissions.

Help with your Dodson POS is available in many forms.

  • Dedicated Support Specialists. Get the answers you need from our experts who know the system.
  • Video Library. Watch any of the training videos for step-by-step instructions. You’ll find them in Virtual Office.
  • FAQs. Quickly search our database of commonly asked questions to see if the answer already exists.
  • In-Person Support. For more hands-on issues, we can schedule a time for a technician to come to you.


At Dodson Payment Solutions, we pride ourselves on being 100% committed and transparent with our clients. We’re here for our clients whenever they need it. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when working with Dodson.


When we say we are available for our clients 24/7/365, we mean it. Need help fixing a broken machine on a Sunday? We’ll be there. Have a support question? Our customer service teams picks up the phone within 30 seconds.


It’s your business, so you should know exactly how things are performing. We offer comprehensive reporting so you are never out of the loop and can always make the most informed decision for your business.


We never want our clients to feel like they are being nickel-and-dimed, which is why we have a transparent fee structure. There will be no questions about what you are paying for when partnering with Dodson Payment Solutions.