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Finding a solution with the right restaurant POS features isn’t easy, but we’ve done the work for you by building the best portfolio of POS systems, from basic to the most advanced options that can be customized to meet the needs of any type of hospitality business. With restaurant POS software from Dodson Payment Systems, conveniently located in Western Michigan, you can manage your restaurant more effectively, from tracking inventory and driving revenue to making data-driven decisions. We also back our solutions with 24/7/365, on-demand support you can count on.

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Michigan Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Improve Order Production

Improve Order Production

Increase order-taking efficiency and optimize customer throughput at the counter, drive-thru, take out, and delivery.

Offer Multi-Channel Ordering

Offer Multi-Channel Ordering

Your customers can have the option to order and pay at the table, order online, or get delivery, drive-thru, and curbside pickup.

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Choose from a range of reports for insights into sales, business performance, and customer histories.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

Make menu changes, add modifiers, simplify inventory and purchasing, and automate start and end times for promotions.

Optimize Labor

Optimize Labor

Schedule employees based on peak times, have employees clock in on the POS system, and export payroll data.

We Offer a Total Restaurant POS Solution

We Offer a Total Restaurant POS Solution

  • Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

  • Restaurant POS Software

  • Technical Support

  • Merchant Services

Additional Restaurant Point of Sale Software Features

  • Streamline Payments

    Accept cash, credit, mobile payments, and scan and pay (QR code payment), transfer tickets between staff, split tickets, and apply discounts.

  • Utilize Virtual Office

    Build menus, manage employees, view reports, update loyalty program rewards, and more wherever you work by connecting securely with your restaurant POS system.

  • Offer Secure and Reliable Payment Processing

    Accept multiple payment methods including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. We also provide cash discounts or dual pricing options using secure and PCI-certified solutions.

  • Take the Guesswork Out of Tipping

    Show pre-set tip options or allow guests to enter their own tips. Use the Settle Tips feature to manage employees to handle end-of-shift checkouts faster and easier.

  • Offer Cash Discounts or Dual Pricing

    Give your customers the option to pay with cash for a discount and use dual pricing so they can clearly see their options at the restaurant point of sale.

  • Provide Proof of Purchase

    Configure your restaurant POS software for the printers you choose, reprint tickets and receipts when needed, customize receipts with your brand, and create tickets for delivery or pickup.

  • Easily Build Modifier Groups

    Leverage modifier groups to use the ones you need and add unique instructions, like “half-toppings,” “no side,” or “lite.”

  • Improve Marketing ROI

    Use customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and loyalty programs to build strong relationships and tailor effective marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Reduce Waste with Menu and Inventory Management

    Track stock based on the date received and expiration to reduce spoilage and overstocking. Allow your restaurant POS to track foods used and automate ordering.

  • Rely on World-Class Support

    Dodson Payment Solutions’ dedicated support specialists are always available to answer your questions or schedule a technician. You can also find self-service support options in our video library.

  • Operate Multiple Locations

    Manage from a centralized database, control tax rates and view reports per location, region, or enterprise-wide on sales, schedules, inventory, and other vital insights.

  • Create Multiple Menus

    Quickly build menus by dragging and dropping items from your inventory, navigate between menus, and enable or disable items as ingredients move or are out of stock.

Types of Restaurants

Dodson Payment Systems helps Michigan-based merchants deliver excellent point of sale and payment experiences across the hospitality industry. Contact us about a solution for your industry segment or niche.


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Fast Casual

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Table Service

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Conveniently located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are proud to provide the best restaurant point of sale software to restaurants located in the Wolverine State. Whether you’re serving up a gourmet take on comfort classics like City Park Grill in Petoskey, Scandinavian fusion like the Sovengard in Grand Rapids, or upscale pizza like Erbelli’s in Kalamazoo, we’ve got solutions that will take your service to the next level.