Before any business can make sales and succeed, it must first be able to accept payment. Assuming that you didn’t go into business for the love of managing the details that this requires, it’s a good thing that we did. Let us show you what services we can provide to take this burden off of you—so you’re free to make those sales.

Any merchant’s first step is to set up a Merchant Account—or banking relationship—with a financial institution. Once you have an account established where funds can be received for your business, you need a third-party processor to provide the hardware and/or software required for accepting multiple types of payments, from traditional checks and credit/debit cards to the more tech advanced contactless or swipe-free methods like Apple Pay. Not only is Dodson Group Payment Solutions that third-party processor, we can also help you get your Merchant Account established. We’re here for you from the beginning—working to make the process completely stress-free.

Here’s what The Dodson Group can do for you: