Dodson Group Payment Solutions has researched many different POS systems and identified the ones that provide the most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use solutions. After an exploratory meeting to learn more about your business operations and goals, our team of experts is prepared to give you a recommendation on what system will best fit your needs.

Vend is an iPad-based POS system. It works right out of the box on iPad, Mac and PC. Much like you, it even works when it’s offline. Whether your business is Point of Sale, E-commerce or both, Vend will make running your business easy and efficient.

Vexilor offers custom solutions for restaurants, quick-service and retail businesses. They have developed industry-specific features and the system can be further customized to meet your individual needs.


Revel is a versatile payment solution. It features a full suite of iPad POS tools, software and integrations that will help you with everything from inventory management, real-time reporting, employee scheduling, mobile ordering and so much more.

The Exatouch® system is great for retail and restaurant businesses. It is affordable, fast, secure and supportive. When you choose Exatouch®, you’ll receive the equipment, tools and support all in one convenient, cost-effective package.

Clover provides all the advantages of an entire POS system in a refined, functional package that offers a high level of usability and reliability. With Clover, you’ll find a modern, compact design and user-friendly, cloud-based software.

ProCharge is an integrated payment platform designed to evolve with your business. It offers the flexibility of processing capabilities for credit cards, mobile devices and more. Process the latest payment methods, including chip, contactless, credit and debit transactions for a fraction of the cost.

For retail, restaurant or e-Commerce, Lightspeed is dedicated to helping local businesses thrive by providing a reliable and intuitive POS system and e-Commerce solution. Lightspeed offers special features designed for different kinds of businesses.


At Dodson Group Payment Solutions, we pride ourselves on being 100% committed and transparent with our clients. We’re here for our clients whenever they need it. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when working with Dodson.


When we say we are available for our clients 24/7/365, we mean it. Need help fixing a broken machine on a Sunday? We’ll be there. Have a support question? Our customer service teams picks up the phone within 30 seconds.


It’s your business so you should know exactly how things are performing. We offer comprehensive reporting so you are never out of the loop and can always make the most informed decisions for your business.


We don’t ever want our clients to feel like they are being nickel-and-dimed, which is why we have a transparent fee structure. There will be no questions about what you are paying for when partnering with Dodson Group Payment Solutions.