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Discover unparalleled support and service from experts based in Michigan and Colorado. Dodson specializes in tailored payment and POS solutions, ensuring smooth transactions and industry standard security compliance. Our systems are feature-rich, cost-effective, and can be designed to meet your unique needs. Choose us as your trusted provider to experience solutions that drive both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Let’s propel your long-term business success together.

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Empowerment Through Innovation

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Surcharging & Dual Pricing

Optimize revenue with dual pricing and fair surcharging solutions.

Dodson wireless terminal

Payment Gateway

Easy online payments, safe and secure for every type of purchase.

contactless payment via kiosk

Contactless Payments

Quick and secure touch-free payment methods for your convenience.

person at home on cell phone

Text Message Invoicing

Get invoices and pay easily via text, saving you time and hassle.

online banking

ACH Processing

Simple, direct bank payments for quick, safe, and easy transactions.

customer paying at a gas station pump with their credit card

Pay at the Pump

Convenient and quick fuel payment option right at the pump.


POS Technology

Effortless checkouts with our modern, user-friendly cash registers.

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Curbside & Online Ordering

Order online or curbside easily, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

business funding

Business Funding

Straightforward funding options to help your business grow.

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