Revenue Based Business Funding

Stress Free Cash Advance for Small Businesses

Explore Dodson’s uniquely tailored cash advance solutions for small businesses, an ideal choice for entrepreneurs aspiring to expand but hindered by funding limitations. Our cash advance for small business offers unrestricted use, ensuring you can strategically allocate funds where they’re most needed. Quick qualification lets you know your eligibility status instantly.

Stress Free Cash Advance for Small Businesses
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Discover Your Funding Options

Our cash advance options for small businesses pave two distinct funding pathways. Revenue-centric funding tailors your offer to your business’s revenue flow, aligning with your growth trajectory. Alternatively, flex funding empowers you with the liberty of an early payoff at any juncture, handing the reins of resource management to you.

Simplified Funding Unleashes Growth

Unlock Your Growth Potential With Dodson’s Straight Forward Funding Process

Easy Application

Easy Application

It couldn’t be easier—fill out our intuitive application in just a few simple steps

Offer Review

If you meet the minimum requirements, we’ll match you with a guaranteed offer

Transfer Funds Without Delay

Funds can be transferred to your account as soon as the next business day

Cash Advance for Small Business: How To Qualify

While conventional online business loans scrutinize your credit history and business and personal tax returns, our revenue-driven funding model solely focuses on your business’s recent three-month income stream. This approach opens doors to attractive rates for highly qualified merchants, rivaling traditional, collateral-backed loans.

The application journey is a breeze. Our streamlined, no-paperwork application process takes mere minutes of your time. Once your application hits our system, an automated evaluation swiftly aligns you with the most favorable offer.

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Seize the Chance to Fund Your Future Success

With a five-minute application process, stepping towards securing your business’s future has never been easier. What could you do with a cash advance for your small business?