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Dodson Payment Solutions specializes in providing top-notch payments and pos solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. By partnering with us, you can unlock new revenue streams, offer additional services to your customers, and build lasting customer loyalty. Our hands-on approach ensures you can focus on your core business while we handle the rest. We have a successful network of trusted partners, including organizations like CPAs, Banks, Credit Unions, and more.

Benefits of Partnering with Dodson

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Generate New Revenue Streams

Earn attractive referral bonuses and commissions by introducing our solutions to your customers. Strengthen your relationships with existing clients by offering them additional services that enhance their operations.

Increase Customer Stickiness and Reduce Attrition

Provide your customers with robust POS or payment solutions systems that help them save money and streamline their operations. By offering Dodson solutions, you help your clients reduce or eliminate credit card processing fees and improve their overall satisfaction.

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Hands-On Approach

We handle all aspects of the POS solution, from installation and training to ongoing technical support, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch support, ensuring your clients are always satisfied with their POS systems.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Our partners have seen significant benefits from collaborating with Dodson. Here are a few success stories:

"I love working with Dodson Payment Solutions! Jeff is the best and always willing to help in anyway he can!"
Emily Zack
"We have had the Dodson group install systems, the third POS at our restaurants. The systems work great, are easy to operate, and allow us to work both remotely and on-site."
Mike Naturas
"Jeff at Dodson has been the best person to work with regarding credit card processing. As a business owner, Dodson has helped us minimize processing fees and has maximized our service and support. We are grateful to have been referred to them through another small business owner."
Jeremy Beadnor
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