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Discover The Transformative Impact of Text to Pay

Discover The Transformative Impact of Text to Pay More and more of our day-to-day functions have moved to our phones, and payments is no exception. Text to Pay is not merely a trend—it’s setting a new standard in the payments…

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A woman buyer in a supermarket in a hijab pays for goods at a self-service checkout, convenient service for customers.
5 Features to Look For in a Payment Processing System

5 Features to Look For in a Payment Processing System The choice of payment processing platform has become an increasingly important decision for business owners. Consumer behaviors have changed dramatically since 2020. Contactless payment adoption grew significantly, from 26% in…

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Dual Pricing & Surcharging for Service Companies

How Service Companies Can Benefit From Credit Card Surcharging and Dual Pricing As an increasing number of consumers turn to credit cards as their primary payment method, your service company, whether it’s landscaping, auto repair, dealership, or HVAC, needs to…

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patrons enjoying food at a restaurant
Encouraging Patrons to Dine ‘n Dash?

By: Scott Ptak, Content Writer at Writing2Ranking March 5, 2020   Imagine Restaurants Encouraging their Patrons to ‘Dine ‘n Dash’! That’s right!  Dining ‘n Dashing at restaurants is going to be highly encouraged by restaurant owners and management at locations…

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woman paying cafe with cash
The Ins and Outs of A Cash Discount Program

Cash Discount Program Benefits for Retail Businesses If you’re in the retail industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of cash discounting.. But, do you know exactly what it is? Although these programs are becoming increasingly popular with both the…

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Pointy Helps Local Businesses Compete with Amazon

Amazon is often the arch nemesis of local brick-and-mortar businesses. Consumers can get almost everything on Amazon. So where does that leave local stores in the competition? The solution is easy: Pointy. A startup business, Pointy has already helped over…

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