Encouraging Patrons to Dine ‘n Dash?
patrons enjoying food at a restaurant

By: Scott Ptak, Content Writer at Writing2Ranking

March 5, 2020


Imagine Restaurants Encouraging their Patrons to ‘Dine ‘n Dash’!

That’s right!  Dining ‘n Dashing at restaurants is going to be highly encouraged by restaurant owners and management at locations all over the nation.  In some states, it is already happening.

If you are a law-abiding citizen, you’re probably thinking that promoting an illegal act isn’t a good idea.

But this Dine ‘n Dash concept is not what it suggests.

Dine ‘n Dash is the reference for a newer (Scan & Pay) point of sale system that will benefit both restaurants and their patrons alike, utilizing the scanning of QR codes from iPhones to finalize restaurant sales.

The ‘WOW’ factor for the Scan & Pay Program

The Scan & Pay program is a response to consumers wanting more speed and convenience out of their restaurant visit experience.  It also eliminates inefficiencies that are associated with traditional payment processes.  With the new Scan & Pay program, payments at any restaurant can be fast and secure by leveraging QR codes read seamlessly by customer iPhones, and without having to download any apps or participating in the exchange of credit cards to servers.

Once an invoice is printed with a dedicated QR code and delivered to a customer, it can be scanned quickly without any mistakes, tips added accurately, and with a sense of security.  Lost time for customers waiting on servers to handle the payment process will no longer be an issue.  And it is an opportunity for restaurants to turn tables more quickly, resulting in more profits, higher tips for servers, and happier

customers.  The level of credit security is enhanced for restaurant guests as they must authorize transactions via Face ID or Touch ID on their iPhones.

Not only can servers see customers’ payments immediately, but customers can review their bills on their iPhones.  And, by customizing their Scan & Pay program, restaurants will have the option to collect customer feedback directly from their devices.

Never again will a customer be held up from making it to a scheduled meeting, theater show, movie, or any other after-meal planned event as a result of slow payment processing.

A high-volume restaurant owner in Las Vegas who has been using Scan & Pay said –

“We wanted a more efficient way for guests to pay.  Since using Scan & Pay, we have been able to offer a seamless payment experience, providing them with ‘wow!’ moments as they pay their bills and allows our business to turn more tables.”

Pitfalls from Traditional Restaurant Payment Processes

Let’s break down a typical restaurant experience for a group of sales reps and expose some of the pitfalls resulting from traditional payment solutions:

8:00 am – A small company begins its annual sales retreat for its entire sales staff. 

5:30 pm – After a lo

ng day of sales projections, profit and loss reports, graphs, charts, and training, the group disbands to change and freshen up. 

6:30 pm -The sales g

roup reconvenes at an upscale steakhouse for dinner and drinks.

8:30 pm – One of th

e sales reps suggests that their group attend a comedy show only a 10-minute walk from the restaurant.  There are seats available, and the laughter promptly starts at 10 pm, with the doors closing 15 minutes before the start time.  Everyone agrees that the show is a great idea.

9:10 pm – After an excellent dining experience and much comradery, the VP of Sales offers to cover the cost of the meal and asks the server for a bill.

9:20 pm – The server delivers the bill to the table.

Having agreed with the invoice, the VP is ready to send it, along with a credit card, back to the server to finalize the transaction.  The restaurant, now bustling since the sales group’s arrival, is cause for the server to be overwhelmed with customers.

9:30 pm – Most of the 

group members head to the comedy venue, but several hang back with the VP.

9:35 pm – The server retrieves the VP’s credit card to finish the payment process.

9:45 pm – Finally, ten minutes later, the server returns to the table with a merchant receipt, a customer receipt, and the client’s credit card. 

The VP fills in the tip amount and adds it to the subtotal.  Every person that stayed back waiting for the server has since missed their opportunity to join the other group members at the comedy show.

The process of paying the bill took 35 minutes  – time that can never be re-captured.

Additionally, because the receipt that the VP filled got wet, the tip and grand total numbers were no longer legible, causing the server to guess at the final billing total.


The Take-aways for Scan & Pay:

  • Frees up servers to cover more tables and reduces the labor required to manage guest billing.
  • More revenue per shift, more tips for servers.
  • More secure than cash – clients get notified once their bill is paid.
  • Guests pay at their convenience, from their table. No credit card, no waiting, no stress.
  • No more bill entry mistakes resulting from non-legible receipts.


Whether you are a restaurant owner or customer, get ready for the ‘WOW Factor’ to Dine ‘n Dash with Scan & Pay!