Modernizing Gas Station Payments

Fueling Convenience: Pay at the Pump Solutions for Gas Stations

Whether it’s an everyday commute or a family road trip, today’s drivers demand convenience. With the right pay at the pump system in place, your gas station can meet and exceed customer demands, setting you apart as a customer-centric and forward-thinking destination for all motorists. Discover Dodson’s advanced solutions.

pay at the pump
Hand of a man paying by card at a fuel pump of a gas station at high prices

Easy Integration, Zero Downtime with Our EMV Retrofit

You’re ready to invest in your technology and meet the EMV compliance deadline. But to hit your sales goals, you can’t afford even a few hours of downtime. Dodson’s EMV retrofit method seamlessly integrates into your existing pumps, and Wi-Fi is enabled in the forecourt—no closures necessary. This means your business can continue serving customers without interruption, ensuring that you not only meet compliance requirements but also maintain a seamless and efficient operation that keeps revenue flowing.

Customer-Focused Gas Station Payment Solutions

Next-Generation Payment Experience


Competitive Rates

Our system is among the most cost-effective available to achieve EMV compliance


Payment Flexibility

Works with the major payment options, including EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Google Pay


Secure & Complaint

No sensitive information is stored on your gas station's network for ultimate security


Seamless Transition

Use previous options while transitioning to ensure you don’t lose business


Avoid Closures

Upgrade without service interruptions ensuring customer satisfaction


Customer Loyalty

Utilize customer data for a personalized loyalty program to drive repeat business

How Pay at the Pump Works

Make the Switch to EMV Compliance Today to Save Money and Reduce Hassle

woman paying at the pump with credit card

Experience the Dodson Difference

When it comes to buying gas, fast transactions mean shorter lines and happier customers. Patrons can fuel up and make payments seamlessly without stepping inside your convenience store. This efficiency reduces wait times, improves customer satisfaction, increases sales, and can even reduce paper waste. Gas stations that aren’t EMV compliant are also at significant risk for fraud. Dodson’s gas station terminals transmit data directly to the payment processor. Our payments platform is a simple, intuitive system that is easy to use and never stores your customer’s information.

Pump Up Customer Savings

A pay at the pump solution can save you money, give customers a more convenient experience, and take your security to the next level. Ready to fuel your success and elevate the customer experience? Let’s ignite your potential together.