Effortless Online Ordering for Restaurants

Serving Up Success: Dodson’s Online Ordering for Restaurants

No two restaurants are the same, and your POS system needs to fit your unique needs. Dodson Payment Solutions provides online ordering for restaurants with customizable components like take out, delivery, and curbside ordering. Discover the Dodson Difference.

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Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Thriving in the dynamic restaurant arena demands consistently outstanding service. Issues like prolonged wait times, order inaccuracies, extended delivery, and curbside pickup durations can tarnish the dining experience. Our cohesive online ordering platform presents a seamless encounter for your patrons, ensuring their return.

Discover the Benefits of an Online Ordering System

Restaurant POS Features To Improve the Experience for Both Customers and Operators

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Automatically adjusts your inventory count when a customer orders an item online

Schedule Orders

Customers can schedule their orders at a specific time during your business hours

Customize Menus

Customize Menus

Create stylish digital menus made for mobile, desktop, or tablet online ordering

Real-time Info

Real-Time Info

Data and analytics features let you pull the latest sales and productivity numbers

Speed Printing

Orders automatically print to all selected printers when an online order comes in

Boost Efficiency

Streamline operations and keep orders coming in even when customers don’t dine in

The Dodson Difference

For best-in-class online ordering, delivery platform integration, contactless transactions, or a whole range of payments and POS capabilities, trust Dodson Payments systems. We have offices in Colorado and Michigan and are always available when you have an issue or a question—no more waiting on hold for the next representative.

Our platform offers many levels of customization, including six different store POS interfaces, custom delivery, and other pricing options. To make the process pain-free, we’ll ensure your platform is installed quickly and is processing orders with minimal downtime.

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Streamline the Customer Experience With Online Ordering

Connect with Dodson to see how online ordering can boost efficiency and keep your customers happy.