B2B Payment and POS Solutions

B2B Payment Solutions For Businesses On the Go

Dodson Offers Best-in-Class Gateway Technology

Are you overseeing a rapidly expanding business needing a secure, streamlined payment system? Industry leaders across various sectors trust our state-of-the-art, omnichannel B2B payment solutions. Take control by accepting payments through multiple avenues—card machines, website links, or telephone. With all transactions managed in a single, user-friendly platform, delayed payments will be a concern of the past.

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The Numerous Benefits of B2B POS


Painless POS

Make accepting payment for projects easy for both you and your clients


Flexible Payments

Give customers the choice of method including online or text2pay


PCI Compliance

Our POS solutions keep customer information safe and secure


Save on Fees

Offset credit card fees and offer cash discounting with dual pricing

Paperless Solutions

Email or text customers their receipts or invoices to go green

POS Features to Ensure Success

Enhancing Your POS Experience with Innovative, Efficient Solutions

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Dual Pricing

Dual pricing and surcharging reduce the burden of expensive credit card processing fees and provide a cash discount.

Mobile Payment

Your POS capabilities should work wherever you do. Our EMV and mobile solutions come with NFC Contactless capabilities, so you can complete transactions anywhere you do business.

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Digital Invoicing

Utilize our E-Invoicing to customize and send invoices directly to customers’ inboxes or phones, enhancing payment turnarounds.

Advanced Reporting

Our system lets you keep track of all your customers and projects in one convenient place and access the current data you need.

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B2B Digital Payments Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

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Outdoor Services

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Professional Services

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Ready To Experience A Better Way To Pay?

Tired of navigating through complicated payment systems that don't cater to your specific industry needs? Dodson B2B Payment Solutions has got you covered! We offer a multitude of features tailored to businesses just like yours. Streamline your payment processes, enjoy lower fees, and give your customers the flexibility they crave.