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Order Up: Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants

Get an Intuitive, Flexible POS System Tailored to Your Needs

In the fast-paced food service world, point of sale systems for restaurants and bars must be able to do it all reliably. Dodson can deliver the right POS solution, from basic to the most advanced options customized to meet the needs of any hospitality business. We back our products with 24/7/365 support.
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Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Improve Production

Optimize the customer experience throughout process at the counter, drive-thru, and delivery.

Diversify Ordering Options

Provide options to pay at the table, order online, pick curbside, and more.

Gain Visibility

Gain Important Visibility

Access reports for insights on sales, business performance, and customer history.

Increase Efficiency

Automate various functions like inventory, purchasing, and promotional start and end times.

Optimize Labor Force

Schedule employees based on peak times and export payroll data for insight.

The Restaurant POS Features You Need

Essential Restaurant POS Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline Payments at restaurant checkout

Streamline Payments

Accept cash, credit, mobile payments, or scan and pay for restaurant payment processing, transfer tickets between staff, or split tickets.

Dual Pricing/Surcharging

Give your customers the option to pay with cash for a discount and let them clearly see their options on the restaurant POS with dual pricing.
paying with cash
Restaurant Waiter Managing Inventory

Manage Inventory

Track stock based on the date received and expiration to reduce overstocking. Allow your restaurant to track foods used and automate ordering.

Tip Pooling

Make it easy to collect all the tips from a shift and redistribute them to employees based on hours, role, productivity, or however you see fit.
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Industries We Serve

Empowering a Variety of Dining Experiences With Tailored POS Solutions

Table Service

Table Service

Fast Casual

Restaurant Quick Service

Quick Service

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Take Out

Boost Your Bottom Line With the Right POS System

Point of sale systems for restaurants don’t have to be a hassle. We are here to help. Talk to Dodson for a customized solution today.