ACH Payments Processing

ACH Processing: Unlock the Advantage

Navigating the complex world of payment processing can be daunting. High fees, complicated systems, and security concerns often leave businesses stuck in outdated payment methods. That’s where processing with Dodson comes in. As a pioneer in secure, efficient, and cost-effective payment solutions, Dodson provides an ACH processing system that is leagues above the rest.

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Secure Payments and Unmatched Convenience

Most importantly, ACH processing allows you to receive payments quickly, efficiently, and securely. But it’s also significantly less expensive than traditional credit card processing methods. From online retailers and universities to banks and medical practices, a wide range of industries have discovered the benefits of ACH payments.

The Many Benefits of ACH for Your Business

ACH Processing isn't Just a Transaction; it's a Strategic Move

Safe Processing

Process electronic checks and cards from within one secure, internet-based tool


Secure Payment

ACH payments have to pass through clearing houses that enforce strict regulations


Boost Efficiency

Get your money faster and say goodbye to the hassle and delay of paper checks


Automated Billing

Electronic ACH payments hit your customers’ bank accounts on an automatic schedule


Online Payments

Accept ACH payments online via your eCommerce website or inventory application


Tailored Systems

We can build a custom ACH system specifically tailored to your business’s needs

How Does ACH Processing Work?

A Convenient, Low-Fee Way to Accept Payments

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Dodson is a Different Kind of POS Provider

At Dodson Payment Solutions, we’re not just another global company. We have offices in Michigan and Colorado and meet with clients face-to-face to determine the solutions that best fit their business. We also offer industry-leading support and will always be there to talk you through an issue. 

ACH is just one of the POS features we offer. Dodson can provide a POS solution and payment processing tailored to your unique business requirements for options like text to pay, contactless payments, and online ordering.

Step up Your Payment Game with Dodson

Ready to upgrade your payment experience? With Dodson’s ACH Processing solutions, you can seamlessly elevate your transactions to new heights. Dive into a world where payments are not just transactions but strategic moves propelling your business forward.