Dodson POS Hardware

Cutting Edge POS Hardware for Every Business Need

Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your current system, our diverse range of POS hardware is designed to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions. From traditional terminals to mobile and kiosk solutions, find the perfect fit for your business.

Streamline Operations and Elevate Customer Experience

revel pos system with barcode scanner and receipt printer

Complete Traditional POS Systems

Our traditional POS systems are built for reliability and comprehensive functionality, ensuring you manage daily transactions smoothly and efficiently. Featuring touchscreen technology for ease of use, these systems are ideal for retail, hospitality, and more. Each system includes a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and payment terminal—everything needed to support the backbone of your business operations.

Mobile Solutions

Stay agile with our mobile POS solutions. Perfect for businesses on the move, these devices allow you to conduct sales transactions and manage inventory from anywhere, providing ultimate flexibility and improving customer service. Ideal for line busting applications, they empower sales associates to look up client information such as pricing and inventory with ease.
customer paying with credit card
self-service kiosk clover station


Enhance customer self-service with our intuitive kiosks. Designed for fast, efficient ordering and payment, our kiosks reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction in fast-paced environments like quick-service restaurants and cinemas.

Kitchen Display Systems

Streamline your kitchen operations with our advanced KDS. These systems help improve order accuracy and reduce wait times by displaying real-time data for kitchen staff, optimizing your service and delivery.
kitchen display system

Why Choose Dodson POS Hardware?

Reliable, Scalable, and User-Friendly

To protect your investment, every piece of hardware comes with comprehensive warranties. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to purchase equipment outright or through our leasing options, whichever best suits your financial strategy. Our local support team is also available 24/7/365 to ensure your business operations proceed without interruption.

For those seeking cost-effective yet sophisticated hardware solutions, our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model is an excellent choice. Starting at just $149 a month, this service includes cutting-edge hardware, continuous updates, and full support. The HaaS model is designed to be flexible, with various bundles available that can adapt to your business’s growth and budgetary requirements, making it easier to manage technology needs while focusing on business expansion.

Manage Your Entire Business

With our POS systems, gain complete control over your operations, from inventory management to financial reporting—all integrated seamlessly for convenience and reliability.

Accept Nearly Every Type of Payment

Expand your customer base by accepting a variety of payment methods including NFC, EMV chip, and mobile payments, ensuring you never miss a sale due to payment restrictions.

Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

Boost customer retention with built-in loyalty programs and gift card functionalities. Customize offers and rewards to keep your customers coming back for more.

Ready to Upgrade Your POS System?

Discover the difference a high-quality POS system can make for your business. Request a demo today and see our products in action!