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Point of Sale Solutions for Any Industry

Efficiently handling customer payments is vital for businesses. Your choice of point of sale solutions can significantly impact your profits. Trust Dodson for comprehensive solutions, from inventory management to customer loyalty and analytics.
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The Right POS Solution That Suits Your Needs

Too often, businesses must assemble their POS system from multiple providers or platforms and need additional help once installed. Dodson offers a multichannel solution with functions like mobile point of sale, delivery, and more. With our comprehensive system, you’ll streamline operations and provide your customers with a seamless and efficient experience, all from a single integrated platform.

Unlock Your Full POS Potential

A Suite of POS Features Designed to Help Your Business Succeed

Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments

Our POS systems integrate with major providers like Clover, Exatouch, and Vend


Omnichannel Sales

Consolidate your payment options, including online, delivery, and curbside pickup

happy customers

Engage Customers

Offer a loyalty program and create targeted promotions to drive repeat business

Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Avoid stockouts or over-ordering with inventory data directly from the POS system

real time data

Real-Time Data

Access reports for insights into sales, business performance, and preferences

Labor Management

Schedule employees and allow them clock in securely from your POS system

What Sets Dodson Apart?

At Dodson, we’re not a corporate global conglomerate—we serve the businesses of Michigan and Colorado, and are always available when you need support. From traditional retailers and service businesses to ecommerce merchants and SaaS providers, we’ve helped thousands of companies streamline and simplify their point of sale solutions. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing complete transparency to our clients and maintaining a clear fee structure. And to keep you informed, we offer comprehensive reporting so you always make the most educated, data-driven decisions for your business.
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Explore Superior POS Solutions with Dodson!

Whether you’re interested in new features or need to troubleshoot your current system, our experts can help. We’ll even provide a free account review so you can see exactly how much you can save. Discover a world where top-notch technology meets cost-efficiency. Explore the Dodson difference today, and see your savings soar!