Embrace Mobile Payments for Field Services Success

Does Your Business Accept Mobile Payments?

Embrace Field Service Payments to Streamline the Transactions

Traditional payment methods can hinder your growth in the fast-paced world of field services. Dodson’s cutting-edge mobile and text-to-pay solutions empower you to accept payments seamlessly wherever your work takes you. By expanding your customer base through convenient payment options, streamlining the payment process to reduce account receivables, empowering your team with easy-to-use tools, and providing secure and reliable payment processing solutions, Dodson empowers you to operate quickly and efficiently. Embrace the freedom of mobile payments and transform your field services business with Dodson today.

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Extend Your Reach

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Ramp Up Efficiency

Easily manage all your payments and invoicing functions in one convenient place


Gain Visibility

Use your customer preference data in your marketing and sales outreach efforts


Drive Profitability

Access competitive rates and offset processing fees by offering a cash discount


Improve Loyalty

Collect customer data, use it to deliver targeted, personalized promotions


Remain Secure

Our mobile solutions meet or exceed the industry’s highest safety standards

The Features You Need for Seamless Mobile Operations

Streamlined, Secure, and User-Friendly Solutions for Optimal Mobile Performance

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Mobile Payments

With Dodson, accept mobile payments with intuitive transaction processing from secure mobile devices.  We easily integrate with several POS systems.

Text Invoicing

Send customers their invoices directly on their phones and allow them to choose their method of payment and process payment via text message.

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Dual Pricing

Dual pricing, also known as cash discounting, lets you offset expensive credit card transaction fees and offer a discount for paying with cash.

Real-Time Data

Monitor your team’s performance with up-to-the-minute sales and productivity data and access reports on customer history and business operations.

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Industries We Serve

Empowering diverse trades from construction to HVAC to accept mobile payments. At Dodson, we offer innovative solutions that help you manage your mobile business better.

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Embrace seamless mobile payments to streamline your construction operations.

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Make it effortless for your customers to pay for landscaping services with Dodson's user-friendly applications.

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HVAC Services

Provide your HVAC customers with a secure and convenient payment experience through mobile payments.

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Enhance your pest control business with efficient various mobile payment solutions that simplify transactions.

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