Efficient Text Message Invoicing Solutions

Text to Pay: Effortless Payments Meet Eco-Friendly Convenience

If your invoicing system still involves printing statements, mailing them, and waiting to hear back, it’s time for an update. Dodson’s text to pay POS solution is a better way to pay for both customers and business owners.
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Modernize Your Billing Operations

Text to Pay reminds customers of their invoices on their phones and allows them to choose their preferred payment method. Payment information for the consumer is stored during the initial enrollment process. No secure data is released via SMS to guarantee security. Everything sent to the customer via text message adheres to industry safety standards.

The Power of Text Message Invoicing

Text Messaging is the New Frontier in Painless Payments

Promote Paperless

Paperless text message invoicing eliminates the waste involved in mailing bills


Increase Efficiency

Reduce the amount of time it takes to both invoice customers and receive payments


All in One

Add invoice information to one location and send to customers with a single click


Send Alerts

Schedule text message reminders for customers when their bill is ready to be paid


Enroll Securely

No secure data, account details, or personal information is released through text


Payment Options

Customers can process payment by visiting a link or directly through text message

Automate Your Billing Process

Automatically notify customers when their bill is ready. This prompt communication speeds up payments, enhancing your cash flow. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of Dodson’s automated billing for quicker, more reliable payments.
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Dodson: A POS Leader for Over 25 Years

More than 3,000 business owners have trusted Dodson Payments Solutions. The reason? Best in-class payment and point of sale solutions paired with industry-leading support. We have offices in Michigan and Colorado, and we’ll always be available if you need to troubleshoot an issue.

Setting up our POS features, whether text to pay, contactless payments, or cash discount/dual pricing, couldn’t be easier. We’ve partnered with many of the leading payment processors. Our solutions can help you boost profits, access operational data, and deliver a personalized customer experience.

Why Wait to Embrace Text to Pay Technology?

To stay competitive, you can’t afford not to offer the latest payment options—including SMS payments. Discover firsthand how our solutions can elevate your solutions.