Credit Card Processing Fees Hitting Your Bottom Line?

As a small business, your margins are squeezed with every credit card transaction and extra fee. We know just how quickly those extra charges add up, and we’re here to help. Dodson Payment Solutions offers dual pricing, credit card surcharging, and the expertise to help protect your bottom line when it comes to payment processing.

Cut Costs with Dual Pricing & Credit Card Surcharging

Depending on whether your customer is paying with cash or a credit card, dual pricing allows your business to offer a separate surcharge to help offset credit card fees. By passing the credit card fees onto your customer, you can reduce the impact that credit card fees have on your bottom line every month. 


We offer easy, effective programs to handle dual pricing that manage the display of the different cash or credit pricing. Our solutions also allow your business to capture and process credit card fees at the point of sale.

You’re probably more familiar with dual pricing than you think. Often seen at gas stations, where there is one price for cash and another for credit, you’re seeing dual pricing in action! When you work with our team, you can trust that you’ll be in compliance with these options, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your business.

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Reward customers paying with cash, and recoup fees from credit card companies – all in one solution.


Low 1.5% Cost for Accepting Debit Cards

When a customer chooses to pay with a debit card they don’t pay a fee, and you only pay 1.5% of the cost for debit card acceptance.

0% Cost for Accepting Credit Cards

When a customer chooses a credit card, they also cover the fee. At the time of purchase we inform the customer of the fee amount and always give them the option to pay with a no-fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale.

100% Compliant

Your customers always have no-fee payment options. We also automatically detect when a debit card is entered and avoid charging the customer a fee. Both of these keep you compliant with applicable surcharging rules.

Every Business Can Benefit
from Surcharging

Any business in any industry that sells a product or a service can benefit from surcharging and dual pricing. We work with business owners in many industries, including:

If you take plastic for payment. we can help you.

How Much Can Surcharging Save You?

Save your business thousands of dollars each year by offsetting credit card fees with surcharging and dual pricing! Our POS systems streamline the process by automatically applying the surcharge during the checkout process so you receive 100% of your sale.

Example of how much surcharging saved one business

Reward customers paying with cash, and recoup acceptance fees from credit card companies — all in one solution.

Benefits of Surcharging and Cash Discounting

Cash discounting and surcharging is as easy and seamless for your business as it is for your customers.



Recoup the cost of credit card usage from your customers to save your business thousands over the course of a year.



Allow customers to choose their favorite way to pay, and reward customers for choosing payment options like cash, debit, gift cards, and more.



Never wait long for your money! Receive sales and surcharge revenue the next day.



Automatically apply a surcharge during the checkout process and exclude the fee when customers use a favorable payment type.



Know your surcharge program is compliant with card brand rules, and state and federal regulations.



See high-level details of your surcharging and cash discounting activity on your merchant statement.

Interested in seeing how surcharging and dual pricing can improve the bottom line of your business?

The Credit Card Surcharging Process

1. A customer enters their credit card into your POS terminal and confirms the sales amount.

2. The customer will see a surcharge fee (as a percent) added to their total, which will also be noted on their receipt.

3. Funds from the sale are deposited into the business’ account within 24-48 hours.

4. All surcharge revenue will be shown on your merchant statement.


Unsure if your business is ready for cash discounting or surcharging? Allow us to show you the benefits and how easy it is to implement and start saving thousands.