Tips to Improve Sales This Holiday Season
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Improve Sales This Holiday Season in Michigan

The holiday season is here and many small business owners are already putting together marketing plans in hopes to take full advantage of the season. Increased foot and web traffic during this time of year gives you prime opportunities to generate strong sales numbers to close out Q4. Of course, competition is fierce both on and offline, which forces small businesses to get creative in their marketing tactics. If you want to stand out and command the attention of shoppers this holiday season, the follow strategies might just work for you. Simple and cost-effective, this tips can be implemented to lead a healthy surge in sales.

Use Coupon Codes
Using coupon codes is a great way to drive traffic into the store. Customers like to feel as though they are getting a deal and they are more likely to purchase if they have a coupon. You can send out direct mailers to promote anything from free shipping to 10% off. Even the smallest discount will help you generate more sales. There are several popular coupon directories that you can contact to have your discount codes published completely free of charge. If you put the coupon codes on your website, this will help drive traffic to your site. Feel free to put them on your social media platforms as well.

Fire Up Your Email List Every small business should have a large email list, segmented into at least two groups. Those that are past customers and those that have never purchased before. You could segment the list down even further, such as specific purchases, dollar amount, age, gender, zip code, etc. Try to focus on new customer acquisition. Utilizing an active list of people who are already familiar with your store and website have a higher likelihood of being repeat buyers, so be sure you are sending out newsletters and other pertinent information.

Practice Great Customer Service
Beyond a friendly smile when they walk in the door, customers value a human touch to their experience. So whether you are engaging with them through social media or supporting them as they shop by remembering their name, investing a little time and engaging with your customers can lead to a loyal and expanding customer base.

Offer Pop Up Discounts on Your Site
The majority of the holiday traffic on your site may never return. That means you have one shot to convert them to a buying customer. Adding a discount upon exiting the site can be one of the most effective revenue generators.

Make the most of the holiday season and get more sales than ever this year. If your POS isn’t up-to-date and want to ensure your business can withstand holiday traffic, give Dodson a call today. Don’t let a slow POS ruin the holidays!