Top 7 Must-Know Tips to Attract Customers To Your Brick & Mortar Store
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Attract Customers to your Brick & Mortar Store in Michigan

In a world of mobile platforms such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, being king, it can be tough for businesses with brick and mortar locations to pull customers away from their screens. In many cases, some independent businesses are actually finding they can no longer complete with online retail, especially big giants like Amazon and Wal-Mart. Yet, a recent Google study found that up to 93% of commerce is still occurring in physical store locations. So, how can you compete with mobile and draw customers into your store? Follow these tips to improve your in store traffic:

Stay in Touch

Whether through newsletters or social media, you need to stay in the customer’s mind and prompt them to come back to your store. By staying in touch with your prospects and current customers you attract them to return. Be sure you stay up to date with all social media accounts with posts about new stock arrivals, events happening in the store, and even helpful recommendations. You may consider creating a mailing list to reach out to your individual customers at a more personal level, as well. Be sure to keep the subject line engaging so they are likely to open the email.

Creating Eye-Catching Displays

Get creative when it comes to your in store displays and even outside exterior. These can make a huge impact on a customer’s first impression. An attractive and inviting window display can lure customers in and instill curiosity.

Keep Your Employees Happy

If you’ve ever visited a store with unhappy employees, you probably felt unwelcomed and perhaps even a burden to them. Rude staff uninterested in helping customers can be a real turn off. If you want to leave a good impression with customers, be sure to keep your employees happy and feeling valued. Doing so will have a positive impact on your business.

Make Sure Google is Up-to-Date

Pointy is a great way to help solve the problem of not appearing in Google searches. This unique box allows your products to appear online, which can be a huge plus for local businesses. If you’re interested in this product, call Dodson today and we can help set this up for your business.

Appear Online, Sell Offline

With your product appearing online through the Pointy box, your customers will be able to find out the types of products you sell and whether or not they are in stock. By appearing online, you can encourage them to come in the store. Or, you can even have them buy online and come in for in-store pickup to save on shipping. Having them come in for pickup will potentially encourage them to purchase other items they may not have thought of while they were shopping online. Having a robust web presence is a must for your business. The better your online presence, the more likely your customers will want to come in and see the store in person. Design Your Store For Sales Take a look around your store. Is it designed in a way that makes customers want to buy? Is it clean, well-organized and laid out in a productive manner? In addition to eye-popping displays, use lighting and to attract customers and encourage impulse sales. Service With A Smile One of the advantages of brick and mortar stores is the face to face relationships that are made there. Customers can get personalized attention and staff can build relationships with customers. Small factors like remembering a customer’s name and giving them recommendations can help them feel valued and want to return.

Are you getting the most out of your brick and mortar location? Are you ready to take your sales to the next level? Let Dodson help save you thousands with the right POS system. Give us a call today!