Encouraging Patrons to Dine ‘n Dash?

By: Scott Ptak, Content Writer at Writing2Ranking March 5, 2020   Imagine Restaurants Encouraging their Patrons to ‘Dine ‘n Dash’! That’s right!  Dining ‘n Dashing at restaurants is going to be highly encouraged by restaurant owners and management at locations all over the nation.  In some states, it is already happening. If you are a […]

The Ins and Outs of A Cash Discount Program

If you’re in the retail industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of cash discounting.. But, do you know exactly what it is? Although these programs are becoming increasingly popular with both the merchant and customers alike, the service is not new. Many retailers have actually been utilizing this program for a few years now […]

How to leverage an omnichannel payment solution

Since the advent of the smartphone, the modern shopper is accustomed to spending more time online continuously engaging on numerous platforms. Instead of stuck making online purchases at our computers, we are now able to make them from our phones, tablets, and even watches. As a retailer, you’re probably wondering how this sort of technology […]